We absolutely adored what Emma Watson said about her life and what she thinks real beauty is. You can read below what she had to say about ‘Rules of Life‘ on esquire.ru

Emma Watson on Esquire

This is just a snippet of what she had to say, you can read the entire article here.

Her thoughts on real beauty:

BELIEVE ME, THE BEAUTY – IS NOT LONG HAIR, THIN LEGS, TANNED SKIN AND PERFECT TEETH. Beauty – is the face of one who had just cried, and suddenly smiled. Beauty – a scar on his knee, which has remained ever since you fell down when I was little. Beauty – it circles under the eyes when you are in love and can not sleep. Beauty – a facial expression, awakened wake-up call; it floated-up, when you take a shower;this is when you smile jokes that only you and understand. Beauty – it wrinkles, painted time. Beauty – this is what we feel inside and how it changes us from the outside. Beauty – it marks that life leaves; all slap and all the kisses that holds memory.

Her view about equality between women and men:

I NOTICED that the struggle for women’s rights too often turns into a hatred of men.

And on knowledge:

IT IS STRANGE THAT THE HEAD DOESN’T GROW ON KNOWLEDGE, as the muscles from training. As we have seen from afar, with whom we are dealing.


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