If you’ve owned a pair, or in some cases more than a pair, of the classic Adidas Stan Smiths, then you know exactly what we’re talking about here. Sneakers may be as important to you as jewelry is to some women, okay who are we kidding, to most women!

The admirably simple yet classic Adidas Stan Smiths have finally had a long run as now there’s another equally sporty kid on the block, the Nike Cortez. This takes us back to 1972 when the first ever Nike Cortez, designed by Nike founder Bill Bowerman, was set free in this world, and ever since the super comfy and durable sneakers have been worn and adored by millions of women and men around the world. In the first year itself, Nike Cortez managed to become a pop culture icon generating hundreds of thousands of dollars. Originally posing as long distance running shoes, the Nike Cortez have now become lifestyle sneakers.

The Nike Cortez sneakers are not the usual kind of standard sneakers that one simply purchases and wears until they burn out. True sneaker lovers and the ones who have been ardently looking to replace the Adidas Stan Smiths with something as classy and original have finally found their poison. The Nike Cortez sneakers are the new staple shoes that can be and, very ostensibly, have been worn with everything, from denims and jumpsuits to maxi and midi dresses.

And to be honest, the latest Nike Cortez sneakers with its ‘normal’ and ‘hardcore’, aka ‘normcore’, charm and attractiveness may be just the thing you need to bring about the much-needed change in your wardrobe in order to add some fun and play into your clothing and sense of style.

See the Nike Cortez in action below in fashion collections and on bloggers who have embraced the latest and most popular sneakers trend in the coolest way ever!

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