There is tassel drama and shimmer in these pieces and infinite possibilities to hold a special place in our hearts. And each one has got it’s own little story to share.
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I’m a very to the point kind of a person, okay not a person, but a necklace. I like to keep my message short, simple and like I said, to the point. So here it is. Life is too short to wear boring jewelry, so add me to the cart and live a full, happy life.


You are beautiful like a rainbow, literally. I am a bright, candy-colored rainbow, or so I’ve been told. Pair me with either neutral or bright colors for maximum impact. I have the ability to make your casual daytime look appear to be even more casual, in a street-style kind of a fashion.


You can call me brown sugar. Not being racist okay. I just happen to love brown and I look like candy, so I’ve been told. So if you’re planning to nickname me, then you know what I would like to be called.


My inspiration was quite nautical when I was being created, as you can see. But my personal sense of style is a tad tribal, so team me up with anything and I’ll end up making you the person who loves the bohemian culture.

The rough and tough, textured metal effect looks pretty edgy. You can team me up with leather for a bold style statement, may be even add another necklace for some added drama. I’m pretty subtle so I’ll make sure you don’t look over the top.