Women have a lifelong love affair with LACE, I know I do!

It looks so pretty and delicate, and feels comfy and lightweight too. This fabric is such that you can flaunt it in any season, yeah that’s true, ANY SEASON. In the summer you can go with delicate white patterns, and for the winter you can select more intricately designed creamy shades.

I took a little inspiration from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Aimee Song. This woman definitely knows how to make lace look even prettier than it already is.

Check it out!

Photos: SongOfStyle


Try pairing the pretty, lightweight fabric with something as tough as leather.



Go all out with lace. I mean ALL OUT! Just black alone can look so pretty and powerful at the same time.



Clash two different patterns of lace together to create a look that is super stylish and Fall-ready.