Recyclability of glass jars in products is essential because it reduces CO2 emissions and raw material consumption. It also saves energy and extends the life of the equipment. For every 10 percent of glass recovered from a recycling program, two to three tons are saved from entering landfills. Furthermore, it conserves more than a ton of natural resources. The recycling process also increases the availability of raw glass for reuse.

Recycling glass jars in packaging products can save resources and create jobs. Glass recycling reduces the need for raw materials, including limestone, soda ash, and sand. One kilogram of cullet can replace 1.2 kilograms of raw materials. Some manufacturers are now using cullet as an alternative to glass, as it has a lower melting point than regular glass.


Glass containers are essential to the product packaging and can help create a brand identity. They also add value to … Read more “3 Reasons Why Glass Jars Are Important in Packaging Products”

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Hey Bombshells, it’s that time of year again. All throughout the year, we’ve received submissions and nominations from women all over the world looking to be featured as our Fashion Bombshell of the Day, and now we want to hear from you. Tell us who you think should take the title and be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Year. Here are the nominees (in no particular order).

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Chioma from Nigeria

Nothing short of fabulous, this Bombshell doesn’t shy away from bold colors or fabrics. Her style is cultural yet eclectic. Whether she is rocking a blazer and pants or a cocktail dress, she is always serves an interesting silhouette accompanied with great accessories and textured fabrics.

She remains very girly even when she is dressed down. This Bombshell style is uniquely sexy.

Her style is glamorous, sophisticated and flirty. Her signature hairstyle adds an edginess to

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Pants: River Island (also have these ones) // Blazer: Favorite Daughter (love the sweater cuff) // Oversized coat: ASOS // Sweater: Nordstrom (also love this one and this one) // Shoes: Veja (as seen styled here)

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite cozy, casual pieces from Nordstrom like this sweater and these pants. The temps this week are going to seriously DIP down here in Florida and I am looking forward to keeping it casual and getting bundled up!

The countdown is on ’til Christmas…and today I am sharing some last minute gifts from Nordstrom that will still arrive in time for the big day. We have all been there, scrambling to get everything done before the holidays, leaving everything until the last minute, and forgetting that special someone on our list. Well,

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Are you ready for Christmas dinner? What about the New Years Eve party? The good thing is that even if you have your outfit ready and your makeup look already in mind, we’ve got a few ways you can kick up your festive style a notch this year! Choose one of these trends or mix and match them to best suit your style for the holidays!

Stay Golden Cosmetics has a bold glitter lip kit that is perfect for Christmas or New Years. The kit comes in various colors and the glitter stays perfectly in place all night long – no transfers! A must-try to instantly amp up any makeup look.

Nude nails are the perfect base for a simple yet fun holiday manicure, just like this viral mismatched mistletoe one! Some quick and easy DIY nail art can refresh your nails to suit all your upcoming festivities.

Call it

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Every star has got their A1 glam team who put together those instantly recognizable looks that make our favorite celebrities who they are, and a huge part of it takes a bomb MUA to bring those looks to life!

We’re about to introduce you to this year’s nominees for Makeup Artist of the Year. Some you may know already, and others you may not. But if anything is certain, it’s that you will recognize the faces they’ve painted and will come out of this with a whole new batch of beauty connoisseurs to take notes from!

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Photo: IG/Reproduction

Best known for her work with Ciara, Yolonda Frederick has been in the Hollywood beauty game more than 20 years! She is a skincare expert and even invented the ‘Glam Or Ring’, a makeup palette clutch case for iPhones.

Photo: IG/Reproduction

She really has done it all, from

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