Shopaholic or Shopping Addiction, Here Are the Characteristics

Are you someone who is a shopaholic? There is a word that is used to describe someone who likes and is addicted to shopping activities, namely Shopaholic. While still socially acceptable, shopping addiction can create serious problems in a person’s life.

Research has found that there are different features of the shopaholic’s condition. However, it is important to remember that shopping addiction can form for a number of reasons. These are the features of Shophaolic :

1. You have a lot of unopened items

Shopaholics often buy goods, maybe even forget the goods they have bought so that the goods are still neatly sealed with the price tag.

2. Often buy things that are not needed

The second characteristic of a shopaholic is that they often buy things they don’t need and have no plans to buy them beforehand. They will be very vulnerable if they claim to have an “obsession” with an item, such as bags and shoes.

3. Frustration triggers the desire to shop

Compulsive shopping is an attempt to fill an emotional void, such as loneliness, or a lack of self-confidence. Shopaholics also have a tendency to suffer from mood disorders, eating disorders, or substance abuse problems. So if you tend to eat comfort food after a bad day, research shows that you may also be more likely to enjoy shopping.

4. Experiencing excitement when buying an item

Experts say dopamine, a brain chemical associated with pleasure is often released when shoppers see a desired item and have considered buying it. However, this feeling of excitement can lead to addiction.

5. Feelings of regret after purchasing the item

This guilt does not only appear after buying expensive items, but also items that are being discounted. Despite whatever regrets follow, shopaholics are adept at rationalizing almost everything they have purchased.

6. You try to hide your spending habits

People who are heavily addicted to shopping may hide the things they have purchased. It is also a sign that you are sacrificing a lot of money just to shop.

7. Feeling anxious when not shopping

Shopaholics have reported that they feel “uncomfortable” if they don’t fix their purchases, and even admit to shopping online if they can’t shop in person.

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