Bongs are the best way to smoke weed. They provide you with an amazing, smooth high while having a great time. The tricky thing about bongs is that they aren’t cheap! Luckily, there are cheap bongs out there for cheap people like us. You can find some of the best cheap bongs on this site or at your local headshop.

Bongs are really popular, but most people only think of them when they want to get high or party with friends. Bongs are actually pretty versatile and have many uses besides getting stoned, here are ten other reasons to own a cheap bong:

Benefits of cheap bongs

10 versatile bong features

1) Smoke cigarettes in it

2) Make funky bubbles it

3) Use it as a water pipe

4) Even cheap bongs are dishwasher safe

5) Use it as a weapon when you get robbed. The bad guy won’t know they’re cheap and will probably run off with your cheap bong! [This one is optional]

6) People give cheap bongs to their kids when they move out of the house. Unfortunately, this often ends in disaster because most cheap bongs aren’t actually made for everyday use, just smoking weed. If you’re going to be giving a cheap bong to your child, make sure they have experience using it!

7) Cheap bongs can help you eat healthier by making salads taste better

8) You can keep fish in it if you don’t smoke weed

9) Cheap bongs won’t break if you drop them on the floor, which means they’re cheap AND safe

10) Hold your cheap bong sideways and it can be a cheap frisbee [This one is optional]

Tobacco smoking has been around since the 15th century, when it was used by Native Americans. In the early 18th century tobacco was used for medical purposes and it became very popular, cheap bongs have been around since then.

In the past 20 years, cheap bongs have evolved from being a cheap means to get high into cheap but useful everyday items that everyone should own. Cheap bongs are cheap because they’re made of cheap materials such as plastic or glass instead of expensive materials like gold or silver. Having a cheap bong is just as beneficial as having an expensive one, 

Ten reasons why you should buy a cheap bong:

1) You can look cool if you smoke out of a cheap bong

2) People will think you smoke all the time if you use a cheap bong

3) Having a cheap bong won’t make you look cheap

4) If you drop your cheap bong it won’t break and you’ll still have a cheap bong!

5) If someone else drops your cheap bong, it won’t break and they’ll still have their cheap bong!

6) Cheap bongs can be used as water pipes or oil rigs if necessary. This is useful because having two cheap bongs is better than having one expensive one.

7) You can buy cheap bongs just about anywhere, even at the corner store near you

8) The way a cheap bong looks doesn’t matter if it smokes good, which means cheap bongs are easy on the eyes too!

9) Cheap bongs can help you l ive cheap [This one is optional]

10) Cheap bongs shouldn’t be used for drugs other than smoking weed, but that doesn’t mean cheap bongs aren’t good for anything else either [This one is optional]

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