Dsquared2 Launches a Second Season of the ONE LIFE ONE PLANET Capsule

Earlier this year, high-fashion brand Dsqaured2 launched the ONE LIFE ONE PLANET collection. A fun and impactful capsule dedicated to environmental wellness. Creative Directors Dean and Dan Caten are on a mission to reduce their environmental impact and provide more social influence within their brand.

ONE LIFE ONE PLANET launched with a collection of men’s and women casualwear. Think graphic tees, woven espadrilles, logo denim, text totes, and sweatshirts made of recycled and ethically sourced materials.

Photo: Dsquared2

The second season of ONE LIFE ONE PLANET continues to source solutions for reducing environmental impact. Perhaps it is the very idea of the journey that manifested into a collection of clothes fit for a contemporary urban explorer. While season one was loaded with loungewear and looks for an afternoon at the park, season two kicks off its sandals and laces up its thick speckled sole hiking boots. It’s a collection that says it’s time to get serious. Let’s get out there and save our planet (in style, of course).

Nylon bags follow the en vogue pillowy look, denim is bleach blasted and tagged with bright branding, and a mashup of the Dsquared2 maple leaf and the ‘recyle’ symbol decorate jeans and footwear.

Photo: Dsquared2

Traffic cone orange is the color of the season. Making technical outerwear and knapsacks pop against neutrals and teal greens yet complement the highly saturated yellows and indigo. A call to action with positivity, curiosity and hope for a healthier planet is at the core of this lineup. It’s the driving force behind the recycled nylon, organic cotton, and recycled cashmere fabrics.

The launch of ONE LIFE ONE PLANET also launched internal awareness at Dsquared2. Since February 2022, the corporate culture has changed with educational programs highlighting the importance of sustainability and what next steps look like for their reduction projects.

ONE LIFE ONE PLANET season two is available now at Dsquared2 stores and online.

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