High-End Men’s Skincare from FOREO

As a man who likes to take care of himself and stays on top of all the fashionable trends, are you overlooking the benefits of great skincare? You may have a collection of serums and shaving balms and maybe even a gua sha roller or two, but have you considered the latest in beauty tech, the LUNA 3 skincare device, from Swedish innovator FOREO? This Black Friday is a fantastic time to get involved!

What the LUNA 3 can do for you

The LUNA 3 is the original and iconic 2-in-1 smart facial cleansing and firming device on the market and has been designed to offer fast, effortless use with outstanding results. You can beat the signs of aging with clean, visibly brighter, healthier-looking skin in just one week.

This must-have skincare essential is powered by unique T-Sonic™ pulsations and has a whopping 16 intensities so that you can perfectly tailor your skincare routine to your needs. The Gentle, Regular, Deep Cleansing and Firming Massage modes bring pro-level results without having to go to a spa or salon. Combining bacteria-resistant, soft silicone with an ergonomic and lightweight design, you can even use app-guided treatment routines to get the best from your skincare experience.

Rita Ora: 

“Looking after yourself and your skin is a big, big, big one for me. I like to do deeper cleans, I just did one with my hands but now I have my FOREO LUNA 3 and that gives me a deeper cleanse, and I’m actually not just saying this, it really does make me feel like I’ve had a facial. It opens all my pores and gets all my excess make up off that I’ve missed with me just washing my face with my hands and a scrub.”

The great news is that FOREO also has its very own range of skincare products that can be used with the LUNA 3 for even more noticeable results, so why not take a look at the website right now?

The specs

Here’s what FOREO says:

  •  Clinically proven to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil from skin
  •  Removes impurities trapped deep within pores
  •  Smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps relax facial muscle tension points
  •  Massages face to boost microcirculation
  •  Ultra-soft silicone touchpoints gently exfoliate dead skin cells without being abrasive

Here’s what users say:

  •  100% of users report more refreshed and radiant skin
  •  98% of users report skin feels smoother and softer
  •  98% of users report better absorption of skincare products
  •  90% of users report healthier-looking skin
  •  81% of users report reduced appearance of blemishes
  •  86% of users report skin looks and feels firmer and more elastic

There is also an outpouring of support for the LUNA 3 from well-known industry names and celebrities.

Windsor skin specialist Dr. Raj Arora says: “Cleansing without a skin device can be ineffective. Silicone-based facial cleansing devices are great for elevating your skincare routine. They are super gentle on the skin, the bristles are easy to clean and super hygienic. I recommend the LUNA 3 cleansing device by FOREO to all of my patients.“

Jessica Alba:

She recently shared that she uses the FOREO LUNA 3 for “a real deep-clean as it helps remove dirt, sebum, excess oil and leftover makeup. It feels AMAZING.“

Venus Williams:

“I must exfoliate, it gives your skin life! Ideally FOREO.“

With this level of endorsement, fantastic quality and clinically proven results, it’s not hard to see why this facial device lives up to the hype.

Getting the best deals on the LUNA 3

Over at FOREO, we’re smashing Black Friday. For up to 50% off and free gifts, get involved NOW.

You’ll find 32% off of the LUNA 3 and 30% off of BEAR devices, as well as 50% off of UFO 2 and 48% off of the ISSA 3 toothbrush.

A quick look at the ISSA 3

This 4-in-1 toothbrush is endorsed by cosmetic dental surgeon Dr. Nina Bal and combines ultra-hygienic, medical-grade, soft silicone and a hybrid brush head that has 16 adjustable intensities for a deeper clean and complete oral care.

For the ultimate skincare routine, LUNA 3 from FOREO is the only device you need, so don’t hesitate to get yours this Black Friday.

Get ready for anything with BEAR from FOREO

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